Privacy Policy

Here at BD365 Ltd, as well as providing the very best levels of service with our commercial cleaning services and domestic cleaning services, we are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. This Privacy Policy explains how we collect and possibly use any Personal Information you provide to us, and how we make sure that your information stays private.


It is just as important to us as it is to you that we respect the privacy of everyone who takes the time to visit our Website and everyone who makes an enquiry through the Website. We set out below what information we learn about you when you visit the Website, what we do with that information, and how you can change the information we have.

Cookies and IP Addresses

Sadly, these are not the chocolate chip variety, but when you visit this website, we may send you a cookie. (If you are good you may get real cookies at Christmas!) A cookie is a small file which is placed on your computer or device, the different types of cookie that may be used are detailed below.

Essential Cookies
These are the cookies that you simply have to have! Think Maryland cookies! These are essential for the running of a website. Without the use of these cookies, our website would not be responsive or even pretty in some places.

Analytical Performance Cookies
What a mouthful! These cookies help us manage and monitor our website and see what bits of it you like best!  They also provide information that helps us to improve usability and also to identify any areas that may need maintenance. (Very useful cookies indeed!)

On occasion, we may also track IP addresses. This is a bit like your computers unique phone number. Don’t panic – we won’t call your computer as I do not speak fluent binary. A bit like withholding your number, it doesn’t provide us with personal information -however we can identify which country you are from and also the internet service provider that you use.

Controlling the use of Cookies

I so love being the controller of cookies! At any time you can decide that you do not want to have our cookies and you can amend your own browser settings to take control of this. 

There are a few controls that will enable you to either allow them, delete them one by one or delete them all. You can even choose to not accept them all together. If you do decide to refuse our cookies this may mean that you struggle to see some parts of our website. If this is the case – simply give us a call and we will be very happy to help you out over the phone.

Depending on which browser you use and how technical you wish to get – you can get your computer to ask you each time which types of cookies that you want to have (it’s just like going shopping down the biscuit aisle). This way you can control the cookies yourself, however remember that this may slow your browsing experience down a tad.

There are lots of options for control of cookies so please check your browser settings and follow the instructions there as if I try and guide you it may not be pretty! (I am great with a mop and bucket but not so great when it comes to changing cookie settings and not ending up with my entire menu’s in bright pink!)

There are different levels of control too. You are able to prevent just third party cookies being deployed, and some even allow you to block specific companies you do not wish to deploy a cookie, instead of selecting all companies.

Flash Cookies

These are not the fancy piped cookies you can get from patisseries! As I get more advanced in building our website, I may start adding content that uses Adobe Flash Player. If I do this, then a small Flash Cookie may be used. The purpose of using these cookies is to store your flash player preferences and enhance your browsing experience.

Flash Cookies are stored on your computer in a similar way to standard cookies, except they are stored in a different location. This is because they are special and shouldn’t be shoved in a standard cookie jar for every day use! Because of this, you are not able to block or manage Flash Cookies directly from your browser.

If you don’t want the all singing and dancing bits of our website, then to manage or delete the Flash cookies you will need to visit the Adobe website which will guide you through it much easier than I can!

The Information We Collect

In order to provide you with a service, we do need to collect some information from you. I can’t make your home clean and shiny without knowing where you live. However, the only information our website collects is the information you enter into one of our book now or contact forms.

When you decide to let us deal with your cleaning and take some of your stress away and enter your information you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions (which we can send you upon request). You are also allowing us to use the information that you provide to us. Makes sense really that we are allowed to use your address to find out where you live and come and clean for you. All users of this site must agree to our Terms and Conditions of Use and this Privacy Policy before using this Website.

As mentioned above, this website and any others managed by us may use those wonderful cookies that allow us to make the website experience easier for you. They do get stored on your hard drive or storage card if you are using a mobile device and I waffled on about them loads earlier so I won’t repeat myself again here. If you do agree to accept the cookies then we might choose to use them in a couple of ways. For example, I might want to know which bits of the website are more popular, or where the users go to first or spend the longest.

Disclosure of Information

I wouldn’t spend a lot of time building a website if I didn’t want you to come along and see what we do. However, I also do not want you to worry that by visiting our website that I am going to call and email and visit you or send your information onto someone else.

Of course we make sure that we follow the new and revised GDPR and data protection laws in the UK and if Brexit ever happens, I am sure that I will have to painfully rewrite these again to comply with new laws and maybe that cookies will be renamed as biscuits or some daft thing like that. Whatever happens, we will continue to make sure that we do whatever we can to prevent any unauthorised access to your data and that it is not used in ways that it shouldn’t be.

This doesn’t just apply to me, but to our company as a whole. Everyone working for us has a responsibility to keep your data just that – yours! Basically, we will use any information that we have in order to provide you with the service required. We may occasionally come to you with a new service that we offer that we feel may be relevant to you – we will always ask you about this at the start and if you don’t want to know about other fantastic ways that we may be able to help you then simply say so – we promise we wont cry (at least not in front of you)

Unless you specifically ask us to (you may want us to pass your details on to a plumber or someone else that we are co-ordinating work for you for) we will not pass your details onto anyone else. Why would we? We don’t want any other cleaning companies getting into your home! We will need to share some of your information with our staff or contractors as they need to know the important bits like where you live and what needs doing!

We are never going to spam you with useless information. We may email you the odd update re opening hours or snow closures but we will always do whatever we can to make sure your home is clean. We will email or text you appointment reminders and we will sometimes ask you for feedback and we will need to email you with invoices (sadly, we do need to make sure we get paid). Other than this, you won’t hear from us that much. 

Remember though, we are always really happy to hear from you so whether you leave us a note for our next clean, pop us an email, call or text us we won’t ever complain! We are also more than happy for you to pass our details around to your friends, neighbours and family! We offer a great referral system and will reward you for doing what we shouldn’t!

If at any stage you decide that you don’t want us to send you any information or you want us to remove your details from our system then please send an email to us at – whilst we will be sad, we will respect this.

Please remember though, that we will need to keep certain information for tax records, but this will be the absolute minimum. We will however delete anything else that is not relevant to this so rest assured that your cats names and where you keep your extra toilet rolls will be gone from our systems. As part of our legal requirement to keep certain information, we do reserve the right to disclose personal data to any third party which has a legal right to request such information.

In the unlikely event that I grow bored of the company and get offered a small fortune to sell it and end up on a beach somewhere exotic, we may transfer personal data we then hold to that third party.

Security of Data

We will treat your electronic, postal and phone communications with the same level of protection, care and consideration as we do your keys! Your trust is important to us and we wouldn’t have a business without it!

Links to Other Sites

Occasionally I get the urge to write something more exciting that this privacy policy (I know it is important and if you’ve got this far then well done) and may add to my blog! When this happens I may link to other sites or articles. When I do this, I will do everything that I can to ensure that the site is safe but please remember that that site will have its own cookies to share and that I only control the cookies and privacy of this site here (I really don’t want more cookies to keep control of!). I will typically not link with sites that are unreliable but even I can be mislead by headlines sometimes, so I officially make no representations as for the accuracy or information contained in these links or websites.

Changes to the Privacy Policy and Consent

As stated earlier – by using this website you are ultimately agreeing to the consent of me adding cookies and using your information in the ways I have detailed above. The purpose of this page is to detail how and why I will collect and use any information and to reassure you of the reasons. As laws change, we may need to change this policy and it will be updated here as we do. If you are an existing customer when the policy changes, we hope that we have your consent to email you – else I will be making a lot of phone calls!